Thursday, 18 April 2013

Matt Smith to leave Doctor Who

Matt Smith's revealing to the Radio Times that he will be staying on until 2014 at the least has been proven to be a decoy to hide the unusual plot of the 50th Anniversary episode in which the 11th Doctor chooses to be exterminated by a Dalek after reaching insanity after letting Clara die and realises that he can regenerate into an alternative version of a previous incarnation in order to prolong his lifespan because he only has 2 incarnations left.The 8th Doctor played by Paul McGann will also return as part of 50th Anniversary Celebrations, which has been revealed by several sources including this website.A source inside the BBC said "Its not a crime to replace Matt with a previous doctor.I feel Colin hasn't had a true chance to shine as the Doctor and Steven expressed his concern about the ridiculous turn of events that lead to Colin's sacking and because of his controversial clothes, this new incarnation will wear a blue version of the costume seen in Revelation of the Daleks.The 11th's regeneration into the 6th will also have important consequences that will form an arc around the 8th Series.Another major plot point of the 50th anniversary was the revealing that Clara was a merge of Zoe and Jamie caused by the Timelords making a mess of returning them to their own timelines in The War Games and the Warlords will also return in the 50th storyline, with the Doctor choosing Jamie and Zoe over Clara, with Jenna Louise Coleman also leaving in the special despite reports otherwise with her companion being the first to die since Adric in Earthshock and these old companions will go on to travel with the Doctor with Steven Moffat being heard saying that "This is the true way to celebrate a 50th anniversary of a show.Its change that makes this show what it is and now I have decided to change parts of the regeneration process.He is also said to have commented that this is the way Doctor Who will continue into the future so that the Doctor doesn't run out of his 13 lives, with David Tennant already lined up to make a permanent return to Doctor Who in the 2020s/30s.


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